We offer many standard products to fullfill your sourcing needs quickly and on budget. And of course we can source specialty products manufactured to your own exacting specifications.
We offer:
· Standard Screw Fasteners
   Machine, Sheet Metal, Wood, Deck,
  Drywall, Multipurpose

· Standard Bolts and Nuts
   Machine, Hex, Lag and Carriage
   Bolts & nuts
· Standard Washers
   Cut, Fender, Lock, Square and Malibu
· Specilty and Non-Standard
   Hard-to-find and specialty products
   manufactured to your specifications
· Razor Wire
· PAT Powder Actuated Fastener Systems

Our flexibility allows us to be your long term partner or to work with you on an as-needed basis for your global sourcing needs.

A wall anchor that is vertile and easyNew! Easy-Right, the hollow wall
anchor that really is quick,
easy to install and versatile

Fasteners we specialize
Sourcing specialty or standard
fasteners is our specialty

Fasteners we specialize
We offer lab certified anchors

Specialty manufacturingThe latest in manufacturinbg can
be brought to bear to supply
your product needs





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